Sunday, July 29, 2012

No post on Sundays!

Except here. Here is post on Sundays; sorry Uncle Vernon.

It's so hard waiting for an order to come in. Especially when you order it on a Friday when everyone takes off for the weekend.

Today I moved things around in the apartment to bring my desk out into the livingroom and put the storage stuffs back in the bedroom out of sight. I was going to surprise Jack while he was at work by rearranging the entire livingroom, but then I realized that in our tiny apartment that we pay way too much for (college town), there is only one optimal furniture arrangement. I hope that where we live next I can at least have some sort of option. There's just something about rearranging and getting a new perspective. It's like a breath of fresh air that only lasts for about a week, and you're ready for another breath.

While galavanting through the pages of pinterest the other day, I came across this lovely blog: Made.

She's compiled all sorts of wonderful tutorials and recipes:

TUTORIAL: Kid Pants with a Flat Front | MADE

TUTORIAL: The Shirt Dress | MADE

If I had a daughter, I would definitely do this with one of her daddy's shirts. When I was little, my father worked the graveyard shift as a police officer. Being in a cop-family was already tough, but when your dad works graveyard, not only is he gone all the time, but he changes mentally. When he worked graveyard he was always distant. How can you not be? You work all night, sleep all day, and don't have any other social interaction except with other cops. So of course, being only four or five years old, and a daddy's girl, I had a hard time going to sleep when he wasn't home. My one reconciliation that my mother came up with was to let me sleep in one of my daddy's shirts. He switched to days after a few years.

Aren't these just the cutest little outfits?

She also sells fun patterns like this Beach Robe! Which is a great idea since little ones can't really keep a towel wrapped around them and it's so important to protect them from the sun.

So check out that blog!!

Last night Jack and I scoured pinterest's humor section for a good hour. We had a lot of laughs, but by far, we like Dwight from the Office. Jack and I have a wicked sense of humor that we often try to keep under wraps when in public.

I leave you with this:


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding Invitations

Here are some of the wedding invitations Jack and I are considering.

This one we like because it matches the font of our save-the-date stamp that I posted yesterday. It's just that for 100 invitations, it'll come to $234, plus RSVPs equals $407. I just really don't have that in my budget of $4,000 with 155 guests.

Next is this pretty number by Three Eggs Design.

Blue and Pink Rose Printable Wedding Invitation Set 

And last, but definitely not least:

Carolina Wedding Invitation

I especially like this one, not only for it's vintage feel, but because the customer can choose many different things in this design.

Carolina Bridal Shower Complete Set DIY PRINTABLE 
Carolina Bridal Shower Complete Set DIY PRINTABLE 
Carolina Thank You Cards DIY PRINTABLE
And look at this! Wouldn't it be fun to frame this and have your guests sign around it like a guestbook?
Custom Carolina Art Print 8x10 

I ordered samples from Minted a few days ago. After they arrive, we'll finally make a decision. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


I just ordered this here bag from Luckycann! And I'm poor again!

CARSON // Dark Grey // Luckycann // Handmade // Everyday Canvas Bag 

Isn't it pretty?! I was stuck for the longest time between this one and the Bailey:

BAILEY // Dark Grey // Luckycann // Handmade // Everyday Canvas Bag  // Sale

But! after reading all the reviews, and I mean ALL of them. I found that the Carson seemed more suited for the student life because it's dimensions are larger. What drew me toward this bag was all the pockets. When it get's here, I'll put it through the ultimate test: my life. And then I'll post about how it held up. From what I've read, everyone loves this company. I think I've read only one bad review, and one out of about 600 is not that much to me.

It's ok that I'm poor again. I needed a bag for school. The one I had and used for about three years is about to fall apart at any moment. Almost each time I shoulder it, I hear a slight ripping and I wonder "is today going to be the day?" I've always made it to the car ok, but you never know. JMU is a pretty big campus and that's a lot of worry on my skuttle to the parking lot. And once we have a baby, I plan to use it for a diaper bag. Win-win, I say!

Here is an update on my DIY Save-The-Date Bookmarks! I will definitely be selling this once I open my own Etsy shop. By the way, lovin' the Micron Pens! They're great for lettering.

I can't wait for Daniel to photograph the finished product for me!

Wedding Stuffs

I haven't written in a while, because I've been caught up in wedding stuff, so this post is going to be a bit long and pic-heavy. We've finally, finally settled on our save-the-dates. I'll be making them myself. Since our relationship started with a heated debate about whether or not Jane Austen was a feminist, our wedding has some "book decor" lying around. So, it only makes sense to have our save-the-dates be bookmarks!

So far, this is the mockup (sorry for the crappy picture. I had to take it outside since my apartment has little lighting):

On the edges, I dipped them in black ink, it's just not showing up. In the box in the middle will be this wonderfully whimsical stamp that I found on Etsy (oh how I love Etsy!):

Then I'll hand-ink in the heart with our names. I was going to buy a stamp from a lovely etsy shop owner, but my fiance saw a mockup that I was just using in place of said stamp, and he liked the idea of my handwriting. Here it is with taken with my iPhone:

Followed by the date, of course. I wish I could find a stamp maker:

I'll then use twine as the "ribbon" of the bookmark.

Speaking of the lovely Etsy: I've been thinking about opening my own shop for a while now. I have a friend in Washington state who said he would take the pictures of my things for me. He might as well be a professional photographer because he's really good at what he does.

Here is a sign that I made recently with a sharpie (isn't instagram fun?):

 I'll be getting better ink pens here soon. Actually my micron pens should be arriving in the mail today. Thank you Amazon Prime for Students!

Let's look at some other pictures (the inspiring kind) that I've found on these here interwebs:

I have fallen in love with this gown: 

I found it at The closest place selling this gown is in Cary, North Carolina, which is about 3 hours from where I live. I also have no idea how much this gown costs. My friend, who is buying my wedding dress, gave me a budget of under $1,000. Isn't that generous! She said we should look around places in town, and if I don't find what I want, we'll go anywhere to get it, but that was before she got pregnant with her second child, and I'm not sure how she'd feel about that now. It never hurts to ask. 

Watters is probably my favorite designer. Here are some others that I found, but the closest dress shops that sell them are still just too far away.

Tent rental price went up! I'm so peeved about that. What really makes me mad is that where I live we only have ONE rental company (with a population of almost 100K) that supplies tents. Know what happens when there's no competition? Prices go up, just 'cause they can, there's no such thing as discounts, oh and the business owners/manager/employees can be as unfriendly as they choose, because hey, where else are you going to rent?

Onto the drink selection! I've decided to throw a little tasting party for my bridesmaids (five of them) and my immediate family (five of them) plus Jack, our friend Jacob, and I. 13 people, if my math is correct! 

For starters, let's do an adult raspberry lemonade. I found this via pinterest and it links back to Cup of Mai:

Raspbery beer cocktail

I'm hoping it's delicious, because if I can spread the alcohol out, it'll go further. Plus it's the perfect coral-y pink that I'm looking for!

Second on our drink list is a kid-friendly Tiffany's color punch, by Eat Drink Pretty.

Won't those look pretty together?

Also, I'm determined to serve aguas frescas. They are so refreshing. If ever a Spanish-speaker offers you an Agua de BLANK, say "absolutely!" It's basically a ratio of water, fruit, sugar, and lime, ladled from a glass barrel and poured over ice. I'll probably hold the lime and set wedges aside so people can add as much as or as little as they'd like.

aguas frescas

Of course we'll also be serving plain ol' water, sweet tea ('cause we're southern y'all), cokes, and beer brewed by my sweetie and the best man.

Now for appetizers!

Pigs in a Poke! with little smokies and sesame seeds (hold the mustard)

Pinned Image

Chocolate dipped fruit skewers!

chocolate dipped pineapple, banana, strawberry skewers

Chips and dip! Someone found at Style Me Pretty:

Cute way to serve food at a cookout.  Use scalloped scissors to cut top off brown paper bag and embellish with rubber stamp.  Like it!

Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers! I'm going to stuff mine with hummus and serve them raw:

Stuffed mini sweet peppers. Cream cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon. Low carb.

Chicken and Waffles!
Little Chicken and Waffles!!

I think that's good for starters! It'd be really cool to set up a biscuit bar. I looooove blackberry jam (not jelly! Jam!). But I don't think it's in the budget. My next post will be about all the lovely invitations I've found and what we plan to do with them besides send them out to 150 people!