Sunday, July 29, 2012

No post on Sundays!

Except here. Here is post on Sundays; sorry Uncle Vernon.

It's so hard waiting for an order to come in. Especially when you order it on a Friday when everyone takes off for the weekend.

Today I moved things around in the apartment to bring my desk out into the livingroom and put the storage stuffs back in the bedroom out of sight. I was going to surprise Jack while he was at work by rearranging the entire livingroom, but then I realized that in our tiny apartment that we pay way too much for (college town), there is only one optimal furniture arrangement. I hope that where we live next I can at least have some sort of option. There's just something about rearranging and getting a new perspective. It's like a breath of fresh air that only lasts for about a week, and you're ready for another breath.

While galavanting through the pages of pinterest the other day, I came across this lovely blog: Made.

She's compiled all sorts of wonderful tutorials and recipes:

TUTORIAL: Kid Pants with a Flat Front | MADE

TUTORIAL: The Shirt Dress | MADE

If I had a daughter, I would definitely do this with one of her daddy's shirts. When I was little, my father worked the graveyard shift as a police officer. Being in a cop-family was already tough, but when your dad works graveyard, not only is he gone all the time, but he changes mentally. When he worked graveyard he was always distant. How can you not be? You work all night, sleep all day, and don't have any other social interaction except with other cops. So of course, being only four or five years old, and a daddy's girl, I had a hard time going to sleep when he wasn't home. My one reconciliation that my mother came up with was to let me sleep in one of my daddy's shirts. He switched to days after a few years.

Aren't these just the cutest little outfits?

She also sells fun patterns like this Beach Robe! Which is a great idea since little ones can't really keep a towel wrapped around them and it's so important to protect them from the sun.

So check out that blog!!

Last night Jack and I scoured pinterest's humor section for a good hour. We had a lot of laughs, but by far, we like Dwight from the Office. Jack and I have a wicked sense of humor that we often try to keep under wraps when in public.

I leave you with this:


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