Monday, June 4, 2012

Cesar Millan and Breakfast Tacos!

Happy Monday!

Last night I made chicken tacos for dinner. I find that if we buy the big bag of frozen chicken at Walmart we don't spend as much on food. I was really wary of it to begin with. Frozen chicken in a bag seems... well whenever my girlfriend would take it out of her freezer I would hold my breath from raw-meat-fear. But I figure, she's a good mom, if she trusts it enough to give to her kids, it must not be so bad. I tried it; I liked it. Saved us money. $7.some for a 3lb. bag of frozen chicken breasts that lasts us sometimes three weeks compared to the $10.or so that we would spend buying the refrigerated that would sometimes go bad because I'd forget we had it. Whoops!

Anyway, I followed a lovely recipe from crockpot chicken tacos, which was essentially 2 chicken breasts thrown into a crockpot with half a small jar of HOT chunky Pace Picante and half a packet of taco seasoning. The recipe callled for it to slow cook for 4-6 hours but I cranked that sucker up and cooked it in two hours because Jack got off from work at 6 and I was behind. I'm sure it would have been better if I had followed the directions, but it was still pretty yummy.

For breakfast I made this with the left over chicken:

Sorry it's so grainy and kinda greenish. I don't know to technology!

Scrambled eggs with McCormick steak seasoning on tortilla with the left over chicken mixture, a sprinkle of cheese and green leaf lettuce. It was pretty freakin good and I still have some chicken left over for tonight or maybe tomorrow. So this recipe yielded 5-6 servings. I think that's on the ok side.

After I pick Jack up from school we'll go for a nice hour-long walk around the park. I was taking Giggs, because I'm trying to train or "rehabilitate" as Cesar Millan puts it, but we've hit a wall. She has improved, but only because the choke chain was on her. I don't like the choke chain; I gave it a try but I'm just not using it correctly. I try to give her some slack on the lead, but I give her an inch and she pulls, so the chain was constantly constricting and I just don't think that's healthy. Somehow I'm still not establishing myself as the pack leader. Oh Cesar Millan, please visit us and tell me what I'm doing wrong! 

I try to have calm-assertive energy, but it's like she doesn't even care about that! We're going to stick to walking around the apartment complex until I can get her to follow me that way she's less distracted by other people and dogs. (the pop doesn't work, nor does the touch.)

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