Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Babies and Nurseries

So I've got baby-fever. I can't help it! I'm 24 years old and should be moving on already, yet I'm still getting my BA at the university. It's ok though; ever since Jack held his new (and first) nephew, he's contracted the baby-fever as well. Don't get me wrong, we're enjoying planning the wedding, but we're also figuring out where we're going to get health insurance, and how we're going to afford all the nifty baby stuff that you just can't live without. I get kicked off of my mother's insurance this September (Obama's amazing, super awesome plan doesn't include me,) so we're still figuring out the insurance thing.

Glad you and your family's vacations are awesome and that you wife wears clothes the cost of which could feed a small nation for a year; good to see someone is enjoying my money. Hey, honey, what's for dinner? PB&J because a third of our income goes to gas. Delicious!

Anyway, with all that baby-fever comes baby-creativism. This plus the sudden introduction of Polyvore equals my nursery designs! I'll probably expand into the rest of the house too, because it's just too much fun! Not that I could ever afford all the things in the designs, but it's fun to dream!!!
White Walls Nursery

White Walls Nursery by blackdonnelly featuring a backpack messenger bag

Isn't it fun and whimsical?

I've decided that I will no longer use the choke chain. Instead I use a harness on Giggs and her collar (which is extremely loose) high up just behind her head. It's working! but I know that if I give her an inch she'll try to be the dominant one again.

Look at this darling face!


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