Saturday, June 16, 2012

You're killin' me, Smalls!

Let's talk about Sookie Stackhouse, speaking different languages, and my latest dinner recipe.

I'm reading the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, Deadlocked. (Jack brought it home to me last night.) These stories are just so much fun. Sookie's with Eric, can I get an amen? and it's just wonderful. I'm only in the second chapter though, so we'll see where that goes. Once again I'm dreading the end when I'll have to wait probably another year for the next book to come out. It's like being left in limbo. You're killin me, CH!

Can't remember what I was going to say about speaking different languages. Probably about how everyone should at least learn one extra language. It's a lot of work when you aren't completely immersed into it. In fact, I was not fluent when I started at the university, but when the only thing your teacher speaks is either Spanish or German, you pick up on it pretty quickly (thought not quickly enough for my comfort.) The key is to plunge right in and start trying to speak it, literally speak it, immediately. Otherwise, you'll get washed away to sea, and then you're degree was for nothing. It's not like getting a degree in history where you read historical facts, commit it to memory and then go get a bank job because you didn't want to teach or work in a museum. With foreign language, if you don't use your skill, you're degree is completely worthless. Think about it. Two people apply for that bank job: a history major and a foreign languages major. The catch is that the foreign languages major can't speak the language he or she studied. Who are you gonna hire? You're gonna hire the one who at least wasn't stupid enough to get a degree in something, forget their skills, and then end up with a bunch of school debt with nothing to show for it.

On a more yummy note: one of my girlfriends gave me the idea of making blackened flounder for dinner. I was stuck in a rut just frying it up with onions and garlic. I tweaked the recipe she gave me because I was out of a few essential items. Then I decided the blackened flounder would taste just marvy! if I added it to a creamy fettuccine pasta. Dee-lish! as Rachael Ray would say. I don't have a picture, but I do have a video to one of the best movies James Cagney (and the beautiful Horst Bucholtz) was in:

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